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As a nod to the "Best Friends" necklace, our "Saints Together" keychain set works as a reminder that we are in this journey together, helping one another get to Heaven! Perfect for sharing between siblings or friends on backpack zippers, purses or coat pulls!


The idea of becoming Saints together is the main theme in my children's book 'I Was Born to Be a Saint, too!' In this book you will discover how God is calling you to help others on their journey to Sainthood using examples of Saintly pairs!


Enjoy a free audiobook with the QR code located on the publication page!


Featured Saint mini biographies are in the back to help you learn even more about the powerhouse pairs in this book!


Book Details

- Ages ~ 4-8

- 9.25" x 10.5"

- Hardcover 

- 32 105lb  interior pages


Keychain Details

-Made of PVC rubber

- 1.2" x 2.36"

- 2 keychains, 1 heart


Original design by Kortnee Senn

Book and Keychain Bundle

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