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18 temporary tattoos for you to mix and match creating your family's perfect Paschal candle for the entire Easter season! The tattoo sheet includes two background colors and many beautiful gold foiled tattoos that stick directly to the wax giving you the look of a beautifully painted Paschal candle! All of the fun and creativity, none of the hassle. Kids and adults alike will love this new Easter tradition!


Tattoo backgrounds are perfect for 3" round pillar candles but can work with a 2" or 4" as well. 


Instructions on the back let you know how to achieve the best results and what to include to meet the Paschal candle requirements. 


Need a pillar candle? Add a 3"x8" 100% pure beeswax candle, hand poured in the USA to your order!


Light your newly designed Paschal and say a prayer in thanksgiving this Easter season!

Lamb of God Paschal Candle Kit

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