Watercolor print featuring Saint Helena of the Cross.


 Saint Helena of the True Cross, despite being born poor, married Constantius Chlorus and was the mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine. She began to embrace Christianity after her son became Emperor and was tasked with finding Christian relics. She journeyed all over the Middle East, constructing many churches during her travels. She had the site of Jesus’s death excavated and discovered the three crosses; she brought a very sick woman to the crosses and after touching the third cross, the woman was healed; Helena declared this the True Cross of Christ. She found numerous relics from Jesus’s death (including tunic and nails) and through her works she was instrumental in the spread of Christianity. 




- Size 5"x 7" or 8" x 10"
- Printed on beautiful felt textured paper for an authentic watercolor feel
- Frame is NOT included.




Original Artwork by Kortnee Senn

Saint Helena