Watercolor print featuring Saint Martin of Tours.


Converting to Christianity at a very young age, Saint Martin was a Roman soldier who
spent his life devoted to God, even willing to go unarmed in front of troops to follow his
beliefs in Christ. Perhaps the most well-known legend of his life is that of his cloak.
While a soldier, he met a beggar and gave half his military cloak to the man. He dreamt
that it was Jesus wearing the cloak and when he awoke, his cloak was restored to
wholeness. This encounter and subsequent dream solidified Saint Martins faith. After
his life as a solider, Martin established a monastery and became the third Bishop of
Tours, devoting his time to ridding the area of Pagans and freeing Christian prisoners.




- Size 5"x 7" or 8" x 10"
- Printed on beautiful felt textured paper for an authentic watercolor feel
- Frame is NOT included.




Original Artwork by Kortnee Senn

Saint Martin of Tours

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