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Soldier Saint Paper Puppet Collection

In their fight for what is true, good and beautiful, some of the Soldier Saints used horses in battle. While the Phoenix is a mythical bird said to die and rise again from its ashes. It symbolizesrenewal and rebirth and is the perfect symbol for Christ’s resurrection. The dragons represent the evil one, which many Saints have fought including Saint Michael and Saint George. I hope that you can use these paper dolls in conjunction with the Soldier Saints to learn how to fight for a life lived for Christ.


Included in this PDF ____________________________________________________________________________________________1) 4 Paper puppets (two dragons, phoenix, war horse), 8.5"x11"

2) Mountain Backdrop, 11"x14"

3) Cover sheet with instructions and general tips for printing and assembly

4) Copyright release and printing guidelines


For personal use only. 


Original artwork by Kortnee Senn

Warrior Extras Paper Puppets

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$4.25Sale Price
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