This screen-printed canvas banner features many flora and fauna signs and symbols for Our Lord including:

  • Dove (purity, innocence and peace),
  • Pelican (the pelican in piety pierces its breast to feed its young with its own blood and came to symbolize Christ's sacrifice on the Cross, because of His love for all mankind),
  • Lion (Strength, courage, fortitude and kingliness),
  • Lamb (Symbol of Christ in His sacrificial role),
  • Butterfly (sign of the resurrection),
  • Fish (the Greek word for fish is ICHTHUS. This is an acronym for Jesus. Iesous CHristos THeou Uios Soter or "Jesus Christ, Son of God , Saviour"), 
  • Olive tree/branches (peace and God's everlasting promise)
  • Columbine (seven flowers on a stem symbolically represent the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit),
  • Passiflora (is associated with the passion of Jesus, known under different names such as Christ’s crown, Christ’s thorn or Christ’s bouquet),
  •  Daisy (associated with is the Jesus’ innocence and candor)



- Made in the USA
- Size 13.75" x 19.25"
- Screen printed on sturdy canvas

- 2 1/2" decorative gold tacks included for hanging
- Shipped in a kraft tube

Original artwork by Kortnee Senn

Symbols of Christ Otomí Banner