Set of 5 posters


Next to each letter is a pair of the same animal (that starts with that letter). The bottom of the Poster reads "All Creatures Great and Small, the Lord God made them all."
It is a great way to teach your children the story of God's Mercy through Noah as well as the alphabet.

A- Alpaca 
B- Brown Bear 
C- Camel 
D- Donkey 
E- Elephant (Asian + African) 
F- Flamingo 
G- Giraffe 
H- Hippo 
I- Iguana 
J- Jaguar 
K- Kangaroo 
L- Lion 
M- Monkey 
N- Narwhal
O- Ostrich
P- Platypus
Q- Quail
R- Rhino
S- Sloth
T- Tortoise
U- Urial
V- Vulture
W- Wolf
X- X-Ray Fish 
Y- Yak 
Z- Zebra



- Size 16"x 20"
- Shipped flat with sleeves included

- Best shipped to customers in poster tubes (I use 3"x20")




Original artwork by Kortnee Senn

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