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With this digital download you will recieve a QR code that will bring you to the Audiobook!

Print it out and tape it inside your You Were Born to Be a Saint book cover for easy access! 


If you purchased a book after June 2022, you may have a second edition book that includes the audiobook already. Check the publisher page of your book to be sure!


You were born to be a Saint. I can tell. Can you?

With so many to pick from, which one will you choose?


There are thousands of Saints, each one so unique,

with diverse interests and talents. Let's just take a peek!


Discover the Saint God has called you to be

while learning about others from A to Z. 


Lidwina's the patron of Ice Skating? What for? 

Check out the mini Saint Bios to learn even more!

You Were Born to Be a Saint Audiobook

$2.50 Regular Price
$2.13Sale Price
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